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It is possible to cover serious content in a light way. Using our experiential and entertainment methodologies, we encourage strategic reflections based on co-construction and stimulation of collective intelligence.

  • Strategic Reflection

    How to involve teams when implementing the organizational strategy? How to turn serious and important moments into light and engaging reflections? 

    Just like individuals, teams go through different degrees of maturity. A collaborative process of strategic reflection leads the group to achieving higher results, as advocated by Bruce Tuckman in his publication "Developmental Sequence in Small Groups". 

    - Forming: the moment of initial team formation. 

    - Storming: the time when the group concept is created.

    - Norming: the team gains cohesion and synergy, with its members being aware of the importance of both their role and their production to the group's results. 

    - Performing: the group (or team) reaches majority in developing their objectives and delivering. 

    At Senses we use our knowledge with experiential and collective construction methodologies to inspire teams to accelerate their maturity curve during strategic reflection processes, thus encouraging protagonism and sense of belonging.

  • Change Management

    Change has been a constant in the lives of professionals and organizations. From major transformations, such as mergers and acquisitions, to changes in systems or health care, it all raises natural concerns. 

    Our change management workshops objectives are: 

    - Integrate people involved with the change. 

    - Allow meaningful conversations that lead to understanding and engagement. 

    - Have an open space for sharing perceptions, sensations and needs, in a field full of empathy, trust and synergy. 

    - Co-create suggestions, solutions and agreements. 

    - And, thus, reduce the impact of the change curve. This work is developed in partnership with emconversas.

  • Applied Innovation

    In view of market changes and customer expectations (internal, external and intermediate), companies are continually seeking ways to sustain themselves over time. 

    Thus, we developed this 8-hour workshop to generate a collaborative environment to create this new reality. Participants are central to the dynamics and, in the end, discover that innovation is in everyday lives and available to all companies

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