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Team Building

Fun and experiential solutions applicable to large groups or small teams. Theatre, music and physical activity are some powerful tools for team awareness and motivation.

  • Flexus Experience - Art as a transformation tool

    An experience that combines artistic and theatrical techniques applied to the business environment. During the workshop, the participant is treated as a very creative artist, while assuming responsibilities, taking risks and being prepared for unexpected events. The goal is to develop a balance between the emotional and the analytical side, thus strengthening the role of a team manager. Flexus Experience is carried out by the consultant, theatre director and presenter Davi Lopes

  • Music Show Connection - Working out organizational competences with music

    Conexão Music Show is a workshop full of energy and playfulness that uses music as a tool for strengthening teams. 

    It uses the concepts that the organization wants to work or the values that it wishes to develop in the participants as basis. Participants become protagonists of a musical show that combines serious of content with lightweight format in a real music show. In this way, they learn and transform themselves through music, experience and emotion.

  • C-RPG Tribus: Activities Circuit

    C-RPG Tribus consists of a set of activities that can be performed indoor or outdoor for groups of 10 to 300 people. The main objectives are: 

    - Reinforcing the sense of unity and interpersonal relationship from the reflection on the purpose of the team. 

    - Encouraging teamwork through discovery of links based on the values of the client organization. 

    - Motivating employees to work in a more collective and cooperative way in the day to day. 

    The main distinguishing feature of this solution is the fact that the participants, divided into subgroups, experience challenges linked to the specific objectives to be worked on. In order to solve them, they should obtain information with the other groups. With each challenge the team goes through a reflection process, links it with their day to day, and registers their learning and insights in a logbook.