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From young and potential leaders to experienced directors, everyone needs training and recicling to develop themselves and their teams. Continuous improvement is key for the leader's and the company's growth.

  • Leadership Styles – Game-based Training Khan Leadership

    In this game-based training we invite participants to travel the world using the metaphor of Genghis Khan to discover and explore 8 leadership styles and their characteristics. We use 16 (standard version) or 8 hours (pocket version), according to the need to deepen the subject. There is a previous 360º assessment work to identify the leadership styles of each participant, with the creation of an individual action plan plus 4 hours of team coaching. 

    Developed in partnership with Via6B.

  • Leadership 4.0

    How to prepare organization's leaders for the challenging moment the world is experiencing? Chaotic scenarios, information overload, agile decision-making, need to find a purpose... 

    This led us to create, in partnership with one of our clients, the Leadership 4.0 Program. It aims to give a new meaning to a set of competences such as innovation, decision making, trust management, passion in business, among others. 

    This program consists of a series of modules ranging from reflections on personal challenges as a leader, to the input of concepts and tools to facilitate this transition.

  • Young Leaders Development Program

    How many of us have been promoted before having the necessary training to take on a management position? Or would we not like to better prepare for this when opportunity arises? 

    This programme aims to present important concepts and competences to future or newly promoted leaders. It is carried out in 5 modules of 8 hours each, plus 4 hours of team coaching sessions between modules.

    "This morning when the workshop started, I expressed my expectation to find the 'magic formula' for leadership. Of course that sounded funny, fun and impossible. However, my conclusion at the end of the day is that I found it. The formula consists of balancing everything that I learned in the classroom today, all the experiences that were shared, using the right tool for each situation, knowing yourself and your team. That is what a leader needs to be more effective, efficient and, above all, happier and more productive."

    Sidnei Archangel, Fiscal Supervisor Leroy Merlin

  • Quantum: Commercial Leadership Game-based Training

    Commercial areas are daily challenged to balance focus on results and on customers. It may seem antagonistic, but is not! Quantum develops key competencies for both commercial managers and their teams. 

    It is a game-based training with a playful scenario of time travel. 

    We give the participants the unprecedented opportunity to experience important moments in the history of humanity, in order to awaken the potential and develop the competences to meet the gaps which were revealed in a previous assessment. 

    Solution developed in partnership with Via6B