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Competency Mapping and Development

Customizable solutions in accordance with the organizational values and the learning needs of the target audience. The flexibility of Senses' platforms allows you to work organizational competencies in a more differentiated way. To develop a proprietary platform, learn more in Organizational Content.

  • Assessment

    Companies are not always sure about what their employees real development needs are. Thus, we support and create customized surveys and assessments to identify the main gaps related to competencies, skills or attitudes in accordance with the companies’ values and expectations. 

    It is a strategic material as it helps to focus on the most important points for development programs and supports the alignment of expectations, contributing to expand improvement opportunities.

  • Kabah game-based training

    How long do we need to train a team in 6 relevant business competences? Our Kabah game-based training, that can be carried out from 8 to 16 hours, is the outcome of a lot of research. The result is the increase in participants’ awareness in relation to competences, abilities or attitudes, besides impacting them, making them reflect and bringing actions that are effective and essential to their daily development. These learning focuses are tailored to customer needs, making Kabah a fully customizable platform. Our explorers are part of an expedition leading them to the next step of their self-development, focusing on actions for professional improvement aligned with business indicators. 

    Solution developed in partnership with Via6B.

  • Program for the Development of Dialogue in Organizations

    Dialogue can be exercised as an organizational learning tool. Structured spaces of conversation stimulate collective reflection on ethics, purpose, values, relationships, sustainability and a company’s position considering the challenges of modern world. 

    The objectives of this modular program, carried out in partnership with emconversas, are: 

    - To provide groups of managers and other professionals with experience of the practice of dialogue as an organizational development tool. 

    - To develop the potential for full attention, active listening, authentic speech and co-creation in the participants 

    - Strengthen ties of integration, learning and cooperation. 

    - Foster the culture of dialogue and open spaces so that conflicts, natural in the corporate environment, can be recognized and treated.

  • Effective Communication Workshop

    In theory, communicating is easy. But as we rush against time to do more, better and more effectively, we often forget that communication requires a series of skills that needs to be trained if we want to connect with each other with excellence. 

    Our Workshop, carried out in 16 hours, stimulates reflections on communication preferences and adaptation to different interlocutors in a playful and light manner. It also addresses communication as a tool for building agreements and strategic alignment, with an emphasis on active listening and assertive speech.

    "Congratulations for the course content, it was very good! I left the training with my mind racing, broadening the vision of things that happen to us every day. Yesterday I recommended it to a colleague. It was really great. " Andrea Duarte, product designer at Leroy Merlin
  • Influence without Authority

    Influencing even when you are not a leader is a skill. Teamwork and networking are increasingly requested, and that requires those skills to be developed and practiced. 

    Bearing this in mind, Senses has developed the Influence without Authority experience, in which participants can experiment with effective tools and strategies to convince and influence other professionals to achieve the goals and results relevant to the business. 

    This workshop has a 16-hour workload plus 8-hour team coaching sessions to follow-up and ensure the learning application after 30 days.