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Experiental Workshops

Tools and experiences aimed at improving the performance of the participants and of the organization as a whole.

  • Thanks for the Feedback

    This workshop addresses the importance of the feedback tool in the human and organizational learning process. With a lively and dynamic approach, the program proposes a central role for the individual receiving the feedback, supporting the co-construction of the pillars of a new development vision throughout this process. By strengthening competencies such as communication, emotional intelligence, self-knowledge and willingness to learning, participants are invited to reflect on the role of the recipient and the sender in the feedback process and to build development conversations that can contribute to the personal and professional growth of those involved. 

    This workshop, which can last up to 16 hours, aims to bring participants innovative tools and approaches that will collaborate decisively for their development both in giving and receiving feedback!

  • Assertive Presentations

    Have you ever felt like you did not know how to start a presentation? Are you nervous just thinking about communicating an idea or a result to other people? Many of us have fears when it comes to preparing or delivering a presentation. 

    In our Assertive Presentations Workshop, we go through the entire process of a presentation. We start by understanding what is clear and concrete and then build communication in an interesting, engaging and personalized way. We finish with the participants’ presentations. 

    Designed in partnership with emconversas, this workshop can last from 8 to 16 hours. As a result, participants feel prepared to make effective presentations.

  • As You Wish - Excellence in Customer Service

    As You Wish is an experimental workshop that addresses the importance of focusing on the internal and external customers in all day-to-day interactions in order to understand, anticipate and meet their needs. A coffee shop environment is set up in which a barista welcomes the participants and demonstrates some types of coffees and ways to serve, preparing a quick tasting. 

    Then the participants are divided into trios, in which one will have the role of the barista, another of the client and the third of observer. The attendant will have as mission to understand what the client wants, and the barista will have as mission to prepare the best coffee possible for the client. These two characters must work together to surprise the client. In the end, we reflect on the experience, comparing with the participants’ reality. 

    Some of the debriefing questions are: 

    • How was the customer service process? 
    • What was done to understand the real customer needs? 
    • Was it easy to find a solution to customer needs? 
    • How is this process in our day to day?

  • Mindfulness in workplace

    Mindfulness is a set of techniques and practices, which can be applied to bring people to the present moment, in various situations and moments, using kindness and without judgments. It is a way to create a space between the stimulus and the reaction, making us more conscious of our choices.

    Benefits: increased focus, emotional intelligence, productivity, resilience, creativity, innovation and collaboration.

    This solution was developed by Ligia Miranda who is one of Senses' partners.

  • Career and Happiness Workshop

    We are in the post-digital era. The 4th  industrial revolution makes a strong call for the new skills of the future of work, the behaviors for this new world context, and the long-awaited change of mental model.

    We are living a new era. You need to give special attention to your career. Protagonism and self-development are important words to keep in mind. What brought us here will not lead us to the desired future.

    Looking at our own career is key point in this scenario, as well as the quest for happiness. We want prosperity, but with purpose. Our professional life needs to be in tune with clear values and principles.

    These and other themes are part of the Career and Happiness Workshop. With an interactive flow, cooperative games, group reflection and robust content, we immerse ourselves in this scenario and reflect on the themes. We are responsible for our development in work and life. Science has inspiring inputs that connect the two realities and they are the ones we bring to this conversation!

  • Storytelling: The Art of Inspiring and Connecting People

    We tell stories all the time. We just do not realize it! During this 8 to 16 hour hands-on workshop, facilitated by Sandra Maurami, the participants will be able to create and practice narratives that will strengthen connections, generate positive and transformative reflections, increasing the achievement of results.

    What are we going to learn?

    • To develop an interesting and persuasive narrative.
    • To tell a story.
    • To increase self-control.
    • To use the best of our verbal and nonverbal (speech, silence, rhythm, movement) to make the story visual.
    • Understanding the tools you already have?
    • To use what the team offers you.

    In order to…

    • Generate emotion and empathy.
    • Involve, develop and influence people.
    • Strengthen bonds and establish alliances.
    • Achieve goals.
    Still Youtube

    "Storytelling is one of the oldest and most powerful ways to generate empathy, genuine interest, and therefore transformation. As we live an experience in which we not only listen, but also take parte of a story, we create new synapses and memories that raise our consciousness and become part of who we are. "

    Marcelle Xavier

  • Conflict Transformation Workshop

    Conflicts can be experienced as opportunities for learning and transformation. It all depends on how we experience the process - alert and conscious or in the defence mechanism. 

    In a program developed in partnership with emconversas, participants experience Nonviolent Communication as a Tool for Conflict Transformation. 

    They reflect on how conflicts arise and their process of escalation. 

    They practice non-judging. 

    They explore the dynamics of feelings and needs. 

    They exercise full attention, empathic listening, authentic speech and the construction of agreements.

  • Financial Health Program

    The Financial Health Program developed by Paula Schurt in partnership with Senses Aprendizagem, aims:

    • To change old habits and behaviors regardingthe use of money.
    • To identify and transform limiting beliefs.
    • To teach participants to organize and plan financial life, setting goals and defining strategies.

    In other words, its main objective is to change the participants’ view regarding money, having a broader and more systemic look regarding the new economy and consumption models.

    We work with practical tools that aim to identify the participants’ models, as well as promoting the change of habits in relation to money.

    The program is offered in the format of 6 or 12 hours, and a follow-up (in a mentoring or team coaching format) after the program, which is developed according to the clients’ needs.

    Programa Saúde Financeira